Quality first related to our manufacturing, sales and service in every detail procedure; Biotest established sound quality management system documents, developed a comprehensive product standards, technical documents, product manufacturing SOP documents, work position instructions; regularly holding strict quality training and assessment, fully control over every detail of work, to ensure the leading quality of Biotest’s products in the manufacturing, sales and service, and whole cycle.

China CFDA system certification

US FDA facility registration

CE certification

TUV ISO13485:2003 quality system certification


Our elite employees possess the talent and prowess to drive the accelerated yet sustainable development of our enterprises.

There is an aggregation of biotechnology, laboratory medicine, medical electronics and technology design and other disciplines of outstanding technical personnel in Biotest's R&D center, who manage the main technology of biological science, as immuno-chromatography, colloidal gold labeling, mono/polyclonal antibody, recombinant antigen and synthetic antigen, established rapid diagnostic reagents, biological raw materials, POCT - three major technology research and development platform, provide a number of patents and development of innovative products every year.

In 2015, Biotest acquired the American company Advin Biotech, Incorporated. Base on advantage of technology and personnel of US Biotech Valley and the strategy of global market development, Biotest will establish R&D center for global market, provide innovative, real-time, high-quality products solutions.



In 2013 Biotest awrded the "Hangzhou High-tech Enterprise


In 2014 Biotest listed in Hangzhou R&D center project


In 2015 Biotest awarded the "National High-Tech Enterprise"